Grolier Super Reader

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Develop English language skills with the Grolier Super Reader digital program that features a tablet with 310 leveled e-books and 1,000 activities from the Sunshine Books series by Dame Wendy Pye, a literary professional and publisher from New Zealand.

English learning is fun through engaging stories and effective interactive activities that build Phonics and Words, Comprehension, Fluency and Writing Skills.

  • Phonics and Words
    • Learn about the letters of the alphabet, letter blends, word families. rhyming words, and high frequency words.
  • Comprehension
    • Activities include matching words or sentences to pictures, sentence building, story sequencing, cloze and quizzes.
  • Fluency
    • Audio record function that records readings and playback for review and practice.
  • Writing
    • Interpret the stories in a variety of creative ways through writing.



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