Grolier Sales Terms and Conditions (Malaysia)

Grolier Sales Terms and Conditions (Malaysia)

Note: Education Consultants (irrespective of rank) are not allowed to collect any form of payment from Customer.  Any payment made to Education Consultant is considered null and void. Cash discount will not be allowed once the Contract is signed.

This Agreement is between

  1. Grolier (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (Company No. 275066-K, License No. AJL 93647); and
  2. Individual or individuals aged 21 years old and above who purchased and/or entered into a purchasing contract for Grolier’s product or products through Grolier authorized Independent Contractor.

Note: Individual or individuals below 21 years old must have the purchase made out and signed by their parent, guardian, or guarantor.


  1. Grolier (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is referred to as Grolier.
  2. Individual or individuals mentioned in (2) above is referred to as Customer.
  3. Account is Customer’s account for purchase or purchases made with Grolier.
  4. All Grolier products are referred to individually and collectively as Merchandise.
  5. Grolier authorized Independent Contractor (irrespective of rank) is referred to individually and collectively as Education Consultant.
  6. Contract is the official sales agreement, issued on behalf of Grolier and duly entered into by Customer, between Grolier and Customer.

By signing the Contract, it is agreed that:

  1. Customer must pay full monthly installments, each and every month, as per the amount shown in the Contract, without fail until the Account is fully settled.
  2. Upfront payment(s) received by Grolier is/are not refundable after Customer has accepted the Merchandise.
  3. Education Consultant’s verbal or written promise or promises, if any, which is/are excluded from the Contract, must be reported to Grolier’s main office for verification.
  4. Education Consultant is not allowed to repossess any Merchandise from Customer at any time. Any and all dealings pertaining to the Contract must be conducted directly with Grolier.
  5. Grolier extends, without exception, credit to all Customer who are financially capable of meeting the Contract terms.
  6. Any and all Merchandise delivered remain the property of Grolier until it is fully paid by the Customer.
  7. Grolier will honour exchange for any damaged or duplicated Merchandise reported upon delivery. Exchange for damaged Merchandise will not be accepted after one month from the date of delivery receipt. However, Grolier will honour exchange for duplicated Merchandise should it be reported to Grolier at any given date within the Merchandise warranty period.
  8. The Contract cannot be cancelled after the cooling-off period. All Merchandise delivered to Customer must be returned to Grolier in good condition should unforeseen circumstances arise and Customer is unable to fulfill the Contract’s terms. A levy of RM30.00 per month is chargeable for any unreturned Merchandise.
  9. During the cooling-off period as agreed on this Contract, Customer is allowed to cancel the Contract by providing a written notice to Grolier.
  10. Upfront payment(s) made after the agreed cooling-off period is not refundable in the event when Customer fails to collect or confirm the Merchandise delivery after four (4) months.
  11. Customer must notify Grolier within five (5) days in the event of a change in Customer’s billing and/or delivery address.
  12. Customer consents Grolier to contact the business and personal contact references provided by Customer in the Contract.
  13. Customer cannot cancel the Contract without official written consent from Grolier. Should Customer have two (2) payments in arrears, the total unpaid sum of the Contract shall become due and payable upon Grolier’s demand. Customer shall bear all and any collection and legal costs. NO ORAL STATEMENTS shall in any way modify or change the terms of this Contract.
  14. Customer consents Grolier, under Data Protection Act 2010, to use the personal data in the Contract to process the purchase. For more information on Data Protection Act 2010, visit PDP website at

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